"A successful event is as a symphony in which a group of musicians with different instruments, harmonize to bring to life incredible melodies. I am the orchestra leader."

Made in Apulia

We are a team of professionals who work in the event industry. We offer exclusive services, with high quality catering and banqueting organisation in the wedding and business industry. We take care of everything in detail.

If you would like to organise a wedding reception or a business event with no stress, you can entrust us even with the whole organisation: from the floral setting, to the menu, to the entertainment. It will be a pleasure for us to turn everything into an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

We stand out for the innovative, cherished and elegant realisations, as the structure of our buffet, born from the collaboration with a designer.
The core of the whole organisation is a heart beating for our territory: Apulia. We exclusively choose seasonal products for our menus, coming from the best agricultural local businesses, with high-quality crops created in compliance with the land. This makes us a sustainable brand, a further reason to choose us.

We also offer enogastronomic consultation to hotels, masserie and restaurants throughout Italy.

"We can live a wonderful life in this world if we know how to work and love; work for those that we love and love what we do at work."


Nicola De Bartolo

The type of love I feel for Apulian enogastronomic products has deep roots. My father was a cheese selector; I got from him both the passion for the delicacies of our territory and the expertise in the food industry.
In 1999 I opened one of the most wonderful gastronomy shops in Bari, with high quality wines, cheese and cold cuts, coming from all over the world. It was a success; to the extent that it received a prize for the excellent products and it appeared among the top five delicatessen in Italy.

In 2006, I added a small exclusive restaurant, with only 25 seats. An intimate slow food area, with food defined as tasty, fresh, seasonal, cultivated and grown without polluting. I wanted to create a peaceful area in which customers could sit down and discover the quality and the taste of apulian products, leaving the chaotic pace of the daily life behind, without any rush.

This step forward changed my professional life, redirecting it towards the catering industry. My job concerns catering, banqueting, events, the management of the kitchen in hotels and luxury masserie, as the breathtaking Masseria Pietrasole Metaresort in Bari.

Our orchestra for your symphony.
Our aim is perfection

Teamwork is essential when organising an event. Choosing the right partners makes a difference. NicolaDeBartolo Group is a brand consisting of expert and cohesive professionals who work in harmony in order to realise each of your ideas, making your dreams come true throughout food and set-ups.

We know how to understand every demand you have and make it happen, all thanks to the know-how developed throughout the years in the catering and set-up industry. Our staff can take care of everything, from the location scouting to the creation of an exquisite menu.
Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

  • Catering and banqueting for weddings and events;
  • Floral arrangements;
  • Customised mise en place;
  • Sommelier service;
  • Firework display and entertainment.

We will work so that everything is perfect and organised with no setbacks. Our chefs are at your disposal to give life to authentic culinary experiences, not just simple menus. A journey through sustainable and tasty gastronomic excellence, using the best that Apulia has to offer.

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail

Charles R. Swindoll

Synergy, Sustainability, Health

Our mission is known as “conscious cooking”.
Our food is always freshly prepared, with knowledge and conscience. You will never find in our buffet a salmon left for hours on the dish at the mercy of summer temperature.
We want to welcome you in our world by creating synergies, plating before your eyes. We want you to taste not only the authentic and genuine apulian flavours, but a true food experience where you will be the main characters.

Our vision is to export the “apulian wedding” outside the region. We would like to surprise you with the enogastronomic variety of our land: from cow, sheep and goat cheese passing through Murgia’s meat, to fish. We would like to win you over with the unique flavour of bio vegetables and with lots of delicious desserts. Apulian cuisine is an unforgettable experience! If you would like events with a magic touch, choose and feel free to contact us!

the right symphony of an event