Finding the perfect location for an event or a wedding reception is not easy. There are so many options to choose from. A great masseria, a cosy restaurant in a villa or a peaceful stretch of beach with crystal clear sea. NicolaDebartolo Group collaborates with the best structures and it can recommend you the location of your dreams among different options.

Events or weddings in masseria

The masseria offers a fascinating environment for your wedding reception thanks to its thick stone walls, terracotta roofs and olive trees. They are the ideal setting for unforgettable days as they are surrounded by marvelous mediterranean landscapes.
With wide country-style and elegant spaces, masserie are the perfect location for events and weddings worth remembering. They will ensure you an authentic outcome, full of tradition and charm, as only Apulia can do.

Events or weddings on the beach

There are breathtaking places from Gargano to Salento. Places that will offer suggestive and romantic sceneries. The beaches and the colours of sunsets over the sea in Apulia, are the perfect frame for your party. It is possible to organise refined wedding receptions by the sea. Or also entertaining events while the sun sets down in the turqoise waters. It is ideal for those who want to combine the enjoyment of the warm season with the desire to party.

Events or weddings in a villa

Choosing a villa as the location for the wedding day or for business events, makes it possible to organise the party with a chic and warm background. Villas offer wide outdoor spaces, gardens for aperitifs and buffets and elegants rooms for lunches and dinners. These characteristics create the perfect frame for both traditional weddings and illustrious business events.

Some locations we collaborate with

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